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General Release

Thanks for the heads up games...just joined one.

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How many people are actually playing this game?

A wee bit of advertising would do wonders.

I wonder why the creators aren't more involved. This game was once quite popular, and I think there is a good chance that it could be popular again, but it would require effort, especially in advertising. I am happy to pay for an extreme membership, not because I play so many games, but because I enjoy Battleforces and want it to thrive.

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Organize and schedule matches. Find opponents.
10 Human Epic Battle #709706951

:boom: We have 6 players joined, only 4 more to go. :boom:

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Details about player agreements. Standard NAP rules.
Official Standard Truce Rules

Personally, I believe there should be no guidelines for truces. A persons word is his bond, I had success in Battleforces by knowing who to trust, others who were sketchy, and new players who I kept my eye on. Made for more fun in my honest opinion. I enjoyed being dependable, therefore reputation ensured I had some early advantageous truces over other lesser known players. As we know from history there are nations, e.g. Hitler, who broke truces and it should be the same here.

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Map building tips, feedback, suggestions and invites.
Head to Head

Actually, you might want to think about setting all of the H2H games with a standard, as fair as possible, drop. I am playing an Indian Ocean game now where I started with a full $20 less in income and with India, all by itself, surrounded with my only other land territories being in Africa. If a new player got a drop like that it may very well send them running from the game, never to come back.

@phantom Thanks, I hope I can get back in the swing of things (I already missed my turns yesterday by mistake :pensive: )

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Scenario creating and editing. Scenario likes or dislikes.
Old battleforces scenarios

Great. Good to know. Thanx!

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Upcoming tournaments and tournament suggestions.
Awesome idea that you just can't wait to play? Discuss it here.
XP Required for Advancement

So, I was just looking to see when my next promotion would be and I realized that the XP required for the higher ranks is off the charts. I've been playing more than most (not THE most, but certainly more than most) and after 2 years of playing my XP is ~4100. In order to reach the highest rank a player needs 150000. At the rate I'm playing that would take close to 75 years and my wife already thinks I play too much.

This is less of a suggestion, and more of a pointing out of an error. The numbers for the higher ranks NEED to be adjusted downwards...significantly.

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Need to vent? Do it in bad taste here. Not for the easily offended!
Lothanus breaks truce early

I have a 3 turn notice truce with Lothanus. He sends me notice in 2004 and attacks me in 2006. When I ask him what is going on, he ignores me.

Beware of future agreements with this player. He breaks truce

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Complaints about rule breakers and disruptors of the community. Begin your witch hunt here.

I agree, total ass. He attacks me and breaks truce because I didn't attack another player. Sounds like a 9 year old girl....

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Report and discuss bugs here.
[FIXED] Can Not Submit Turns

This issue has been resolved.
Please let us know if you experience any further issues.


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A place to talk about everything else but BATTLE FORCES.
Merry Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanza)

JoJo and I will take you two on anytime..........He will remember me from the old site.

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