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YouTube Video and Spreading the Word

Hello Everyone,

We have released our first YouTube video promoting BATTLE FORCES.

Check it out at:

Let us know what you think of it.

Some of you may notice that InGeneral, pulsar110 and McCarthaigh are immortalized in the video. It includes a video clip from a currently active Indian Ocean game. Sorry MrKim, you had already completed your turn, so your name does not show up in the turn waiting list. Next time. :-)

Thank you everyone for continuing to promote BATTLE FORCES. Please use the YouTube video link above to help spread the word even further. :loudspeaker:

See you on the battlefield,

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A whole range of topics about BATTLE FORCES.
Back after 3 years.

Forgot how fun this game is. Thanks for bringing it back!

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Organize and schedule matches. Find opponents.
FULL - World War II

MK am interested

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Details about player agreements. Standard NAP rules.
Principles of Successful Alliances

Wow...still up after six years. Been awhile, but will be fun knocking off the rust....

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Map building tips, feedback, suggestions and invites.
New Standard Map Poll

Arctic Ocean - Ice Free edition obviously.


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Scenario creating and editing. Scenario likes or dislikes.
Is there a classic spring 1942 WWII map?


Can somebody link me to where I can play the original spring of 1942 WW2 version?

If it requires a premium account, can someone link me to where I can sign up?

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Upcoming tournaments and tournament suggestions.
Awesome idea that you just can't wait to play? Discuss it here.
XP Required for Advancement

He plays other things as well. In fact he's registered for a H2H Indian Ocean game right now, waiting for someone to join, if you want to sign up and play him.

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Need to vent? Do it in bad taste here. Not for the easily offended!
Lothanus breaks truce early

I have a 3 turn notice truce with Lothanus. He sends me notice in 2004 and attacks me in 2006. When I ask him what is going on, he ignores me.

Beware of future agreements with this player. He breaks truce

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Complaints about rule breakers and disruptors of the community. Begin your witch hunt here.

I agree, total ass. He attacks me and breaks truce because I didn't attack another player. Sounds like a 9 year old girl....

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Report and discuss bugs here.
Cannot scroll through leaderboard

Am I the only one that can't find the leaderboard?

Also, another random question: in the "ActiveGames" menu, does anyone know what "MaxBuy" means? I haven't been able to figure it out...

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A place to talk about everything else but BATTLE FORCES.
New Game Mechanics

What kind of madman would play this game on a phone? That said, good point.

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