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General Release

Thanks for the heads up games...just joined one.

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Can't start the game

We have now soft-launched an early version of a non-Flash interface, so you can once again play directly from your Chrome (or other) browser.
There are still additional features that need to be completed, but at least for now you can play without Flash!

See you on the battlefield,

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Organize and schedule matches. Find opponents.
FULL - World War II

MK am interested

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Details about player agreements. Standard NAP rules.
Official Standard Truce Rules

Personally, I believe there should be no guidelines for truces. A persons word is his bond, I had success in Battleforces by knowing who to trust, others who were sketchy, and new players who I kept my eye on. Made for more fun in my honest opinion. I enjoyed being dependable, therefore reputation ensured I had some early advantageous truces over other lesser known players. As we know from history there are nations, e.g. Hitler, who broke truces and it should be the same here.

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Map building tips, feedback, suggestions and invites.
Head to Head

Actually, you might want to think about setting all of the H2H games with a standard, as fair as possible, drop. I am playing an Indian Ocean game now where I started with a full $20 less in income and with India, all by itself, surrounded with my only other land territories being in Africa. If a new player got a drop like that it may very well send them running from the game, never to come back.

@phantom Thanks, I hope I can get back in the swing of things (I already missed my turns yesterday by mistake :pensive: )

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Scenario creating and editing. Scenario likes or dislikes.
Old battleforces scenarios

Great. Good to know. Thanx!

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Upcoming tournaments and tournament suggestions.
Awesome idea that you just can't wait to play? Discuss it here.
XP Required for Advancement

He plays other things as well. In fact he's registered for a H2H Indian Ocean game right now, waiting for someone to join, if you want to sign up and play him.

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Need to vent? Do it in bad taste here. Not for the easily offended!
Lothanus breaks truce early

I have a 3 turn notice truce with Lothanus. He sends me notice in 2004 and attacks me in 2006. When I ask him what is going on, he ignores me.

Beware of future agreements with this player. He breaks truce

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Complaints about rule breakers and disruptors of the community. Begin your witch hunt here.

I agree, total ass. He attacks me and breaks truce because I didn't attack another player. Sounds like a 9 year old girl....

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Report and discuss bugs here.
New games not creating.....Again!

This appears to still be an issue.. I'm having the same problem.

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A place to talk about everything else but BATTLE FORCES.
Merry Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanza)

mateusz! Glad to hear you finished graduate and post grad training. Very cool. In what field? If you got post grad training, I'm assuming you have a job, which is more than many grads can say. I finished law school and started a job in "Big Law" a couple of months ago. I'm working in NYC and living just outside, but I hope to get out and start homesteading or something before the collapse.

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