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YouTube Video and Spreading the Word

I'm infamous! Wait, that's not right.

I'm notorious! Errrr, no...

I guess immortalized for the life of youtube it is!

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Roll Call

Everything should be working as normal now.

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Organize and schedule matches. Find opponents.
FULL - World War II

MK am interested

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Details about player agreements. Standard NAP rules.
Official Standard Truce Rules

@SaintBernard said:

Personally, I believe there should be no guidelines for truces. A persons word is his bond, I had success in Battleforces by knowing who to trust, others who were sketchy, and new players who I kept my eye on. Made for more fun in my honest opinion. I enjoyed being dependable, therefore reputation ensured I had some early advantageous truces over other lesser known players. As we know from history there are nations, e.g. Hitler, who broke truces and it should be the same here.

The purpose of having guidelines or "rules" for truces are exactly to establish an accepted framework that is fair and reasonable to the parties that both can trust. Of course players can (and will) negotiate whatever terms they see fit in the end, and LOL regardless of how many guidelines or rules are established there will ALWAYS be players who break their truces/violate the terms. That's never going to change. My point is it's pretty clear that all the reasons you state for believing there should be no guidelines will be a part of the game regardless.

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Map building tips, feedback, suggestions and invites.
New Standard Map Poll

Tough to choose between that great list. I'd add: Neu Schwabenland.

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Scenario creating and editing. Scenario likes or dislikes.
Is there a classic spring 1942 WWII map?

Sad the admins never responded to this. I was just looking for the classic WWII version in the heads up format as well but what they have now is just that map divided into 2 players, instead of the 5 nations classic where one controls Axis and one Allies. I hope if the site is ever rekindled, this becomes available again. :)

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Upcoming tournaments and tournament suggestions.
Awesome idea that you just can't wait to play? Discuss it here.
XP Required for Advancement

He plays other things as well. In fact he's registered for a H2H Indian Ocean game right now, waiting for someone to join, if you want to sign up and play him.

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Need to vent? Do it in bad taste here. Not for the easily offended!
Lothanus breaks truce early

I have a 3 turn notice truce with Lothanus. He sends me notice in 2004 and attacks me in 2006. When I ask him what is going on, he ignores me.

Beware of future agreements with this player. He breaks truce

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Complaints about rule breakers and disruptors of the community. Begin your witch hunt here.

I agree, total ass. He attacks me and breaks truce because I didn't attack another player. Sounds like a 9 year old girl....

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Report and discuss bugs here.
[FIXED] I click "Start Game" and nothing loads up

I all so have the same problom

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A place to talk about everything else but BATTLE FORCES.
New Game Mechanics

What kind of madman would play this game on a phone? That said, good point.

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