Please change the "My Scenarios" tab so that all the scenario nicknames such as "Scenario: 4vs4 Eight Rivers 48hrstrn" are listed instead of "Scenario:693735920" and add an option to delete scenarios from the "My Scenarios" tab list. Having to open each scenario one at a time on the "My Scenarios" tab to get basic scenario descriptions of each one is cumbersome and time consuming, especially when you might have a handful of unwanted scenarios. Also come up with a way to filter or clean out unwanted/undesirable scenarios from the create a game "scenario list" so there aren't dozens of similar scenarios or totally unwanted scenarios out there.

Also I found joining multiplayer games confusing the first time I joined the site. Change the registering multiplayer games tabs from "basic" and "player created (basic)" to "standard multiplayer games" and "player created multiplayer games". Preferably have popular game format settings listed in each game tab (such as team game, turn time limit, pre-set capitols, etc) similar to old system so that users can easily sort thru the game formats without opening each listed game one at a time. Clarify whether Standard World or similar standard game scenarios have pre-set factories in the additional settings (this option should be in addition to whether player capitals will automatically start with a factory or not).

Lastly, have a noticeable button at the top of each page to get from anywhere on the site such, as in the forums, back to the home "Battleforces Arena" without having to log back in.