Hello Everyone,

The site has now been upgraded to version 3.7.0. This includes some team game enhancements as well as other great things.

Changes in this release:

  • Made water zone borders clearer to make out.
  • Membership purchase header image fixed.
  • Improved turn required icons.
  • AutoPlay settings for when you are unable to submit a turn.
  • Email Notification toggle.
  • In team games, landing strips now properly account for safe landing on ally land.
  • In team games, team members can now optionally allow teammates to submit their turns if needed.
  • Game Year will be also displayed for finished games on details page.
  • Game turn notifiers (!) on home page game list.
  • Corrected water building factory ownership association.
  • Improved build button with force type icon list and counts.

See you on the battlefield,