Hello Everyone,

Improved state management for first game players, replay enhancements, as well as chat display improvements. Also as requested by phantom, a flashing green button indicator for new chat messages.

The site has now been upgraded to version 3.13.1. Flush your browser cache if you do not see it already.

Changes in this release:

  • Improved internal chat state propagation to component.
  • Uneventful replay move states automatically hidden and skipped over when appropriate.
  • Chat vertical scroll buttons improved.
  • Entire Chat button now flashes solid green when there are unread messages (requested by phantom).
  • Removed legacy client link.
  • Zone details display contents centered.
  • Corrected first intro game bad state after cancel.
  • In game count down now only displayed when meaningful.
  • View Game button made green.
  • Game options moved further down game detail screen for first game plays.

See you on the battlefield,