Hello Everyone,

A large amount of visual and usability enhancements served up in this sweet apple pie release.

The site has now been upgraded to version 3.14.0. Flush your browser cache if you do not see it already.

Changes in this release:

  • Map edit zone name and type panel moved to left side from right.
  • View game button color and text based off of turn required state.
  • Warning dialog button colors swapped.
  • Map edit now highlights selected zone all red.
  • Map edit now defaults to 'Pick Zone for Details'.
  • Map edit zoom icons location adjusted.
  • Mouse cursor updated for solo and multiplayer join game lists.
  • Map edit internal state deduped.
  • Paint brush shortcut in map edit menu.
  • Home screen current games are now colored green if turn required.
  • Tapping a zone in the forces purchase summary panel now automatically selects the zone.
  • Waiting for message now displays player names.
  • Current replay stage is better highlighted.
  • In game info widget made more opaque and reformatted.

See you on the battlefield,