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With the low player count on this site I've been looking for other similar games online. The best I've found is Triton II - turn or real time space conquest game that feels like Battleforces with multiplayer diplomacy and simultaneous moves but has slightly more involved economic side and fewer unit types.

I can't handle the real time version so I just play turn games. I was waking up in the middle of the night worried about opponents launching attacks on me that I wasn't responding too - and they were! I think some players strategy was to attack when they thought others would be offline so they couldn't respond in time.

Anyway I recommend you check it out.

If any of you play Triton or have any recommendations, let me know!

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Good idea proteus but I hate to cancel the game when we are so close to filling it. I'm afraid I'll lose some players. Myabe next time.

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My kids introduced me also - maybe it was April or May? My high addiction phase was June,July and August. The reading of body language reminds me a little of reading an opponent in a no NAP game.

It has also been really interesting how community conduct has changed over time. At first it was a singles game, then any sharing with others got rewarded and someone was rude if they didn't, then teaming began to come on strong and now it feels much more heartless. Teaming is required to get anywhere and people will often lure you in with a W (sharing) where before that would have been really rude and resulted in nobody friending you.

These changes in group culture overtime I think is the most interesting feature.

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Did I read correctly that there is a perceived problem with the experienced players trouncing the newbies and driving them away? I'd hate to be contributing to that but could see how that could be the outcome. Any suggestions to preventing newbies having such a negative experience? We definitely need a larger player base.

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Is it good for no NAP?

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After loading transports from the UK, troops and tanks appeared to move to the transports. However when doubleclicking on the UK, to better see the contents, neither new builds didn't show and the units visible on the transports still showed as being in the UK focus box This happened repeatedly.

I've noticed the assigned builds not showing for some time but never noticed that troops on transports wouldn't reflect their movement. Essentially the UK focus box simply showed the placement at the beginning of the turn before I moved and built.

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I hope 10 players isn't too ambitious for the site at this time. This looks like a good No NAP map - players appear sort of equal.

Does anyone know if the sides cross over (top to bottom and left to right) like in hex armada?

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As the players are of varying strength the proposal is to restore NAPs to this game.

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Sorry I didn't notice the 8 rivers map was a team game - that doesn't really make sense to have no NAP as some players are bound on a team so I cancelled it and created this one instead.

No NAPs, treaties or private communication - just public communication.

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