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Im still alive lol

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You still in law school? Since I stopped playing I finished graduate school and post grad training.

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Wow LYR, JoJo, inGeneral. Glad to see the old guys still around. Too bad the game is gone.

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The new style and the game changes that came with it were a nail in the coffin. I would love to see the old style come back and some of the old players return. The game however feels abandoned.

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This game has been dying a slow death for awhile. Even before this new betta phase there have been problems. To large degree there was dissociation of what the users asked for and the direction in which the admins were heading with their game. The betta was then released largely incomplete which alienated a lot of users. Not to mention that the betta release cut down a lot of options that were there before and now asked for a payment. Which is fair given that people want to make money but the amount that they asked for was way behind what the game offered. In other words pricing was out of proportion.
End of my rant.

Now this game could be still salvaged and people would come back slowly if the game creators get their act together. I myself come back here every now and then to see what's going on and if things have improved.

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Well I still check every now and then to see if any progress has been made.

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Hmmm now there seems to be very few people. I see one game stuck at 4/5 players and no other games filled. This has been an issue for awhile. I honestly feel like this update has pushed a lot of players away. The concept is fine, the design is too tablet like and poor IMO but the worst part was implementation. You cant push unfinished product. The pricing and further crippling of gameplay in favor of $ had alienated even more players. I feel like the old design was superior in a lot of ways. Probably should have worked on improving the game play, introducing more new maps and map making options and of course advertising. I have been playing in here for about 4-5 years and it's sad to see a good strategy game go downhill. I will check on every now and then and see what progress has been made if any. I would suggest roll back of some of the UI and pricing and fixing the issues that were problematic for the game such as alliances. Numerous suggestions were offered that I thought were good solutions such as no communications and random IDs instead of names. Anyways my $0.02.

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how about sending group messages to some players but not others in non-team games.
seems like it is no longer possible...

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As for my scenarios here is the most updated list:

  1. Allies and Axis 50 year edition 0.8.1
    --> anything before that version is unbalanced
  2. Marz mediterranean World War One FFA 29
    --> same, as above, this is most balance version
    I spent months playing this two maps out and these are the most balanced versions. Really..

General DIstro:

  1. How western hemisphere was won (2011-04-12 02:34:15)


  1. Marz europe map (Marz Europe Map (2011-09-03 02:29:25)


  1. Mars Attacks 12 (2011-08-23 08:18:04)

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Bermuda triangle?

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