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@MrKim said:

Yeah, it is time to spread the word. It is wicked game when the games fill and start. Anticipation is great, but not if you have to wait too long. :-D

agreed. thanks!

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*****I posted a link to publicize and promote this website, at another gaming website!!!!!! ***** :smiley: :bangbang:

just click the link below. I posted a new thread in the website's forum, in order to draw more traffic here!!!

hey mods, can you PLEASE create a youtube video to provide an overview of this website, and its game dynamics??!!! that would GREATLY help us to get the word out. let us know, please. thanks!!!!

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@LYR said:

A wee bit of advertising would do wonders.

I wonder why the creators aren't more involved. This game was once quite popular, and I think there is a good chance that it could be popular again, but it would require effort, especially in advertising. I am happy to pay for an extreme membership, not because I play so many games, but because I enjoy Battleforces and want it to thrive.

I have to agree. can we maybe please try advertising at can i suggest that as just one website where perhaps we might be able to get some interest, from other gamers of similar interests?

conquerclub is a site for people who enjoying playing the game Risk, so it seems like maybe one good place to start. thanks.

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@GameAdmin said:

Hello pulsar110,

Great to have you back on BATTLE FORCES again.

Yes please, we definitely need to kick off a push to attract new players. The new version is working well, and it will be fun for everyone to get some more games going with more players. So anything you, or anyone on BATTLE FORCES. can do to spread the word would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone has some recommendations on some high return promotional ideas, please let us know.

Thank you for playing,

thanks for your note.

one question, are any multi-player games being active or starting up right now? it seems like the same multiplayer games have been listed for a while; i don't see any new ones that have been getting started at all. can you please advise? thanks.

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that's terrific. thanks for this update!! looking forward to future games. thanks!!

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@GameAdmin said in phantom and Version 3.13.1:

Hello Everyone,

Improved state management for first game players, replay enhancements, as well as chat display improvements. Also as requested by phantom, a flashing green button indicator for new chat messages.

The site has now been upgraded to version 3.13.1. Flush your browser cache if you do not see it already.

Changes in this release:

  • Improved internal chat state propagation to component.
  • Uneventful replay move states automatically hidden and skipped over when appropriate.
  • Chat vertical scroll buttons improved.
  • Entire Chat button now flashes solid green when there are unread messages (requested by phantom).
  • Removed legacy client link.
  • Zone details display contents centered.
  • Corrected first intro game bad state after cancel.
  • In game count down now only displayed when meaningful.
  • View Game button made green.
  • Game options moved further down game detail screen for first game plays.

See you on the battlefield,

hi GameAdmin. thanks so much. that is truly great news!! I have been playing this game for about nine years....I think!! actually, you probably know the date that I started, better than I do!!! I am so glad to see this gam,e getting active again. I will be glad to let others know about this. please keep me posted. also, if you can get just a little media coverage, let me know! thanks!!

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@SPHINX said:

Hello pulsar! Welcome.

thanks Sphinx!! just curious, how long have you been here? I have been here for about nine years!! I was simply on hiatus recently!!

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hi there, everyone!!

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