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So an old bug is popping up again: players can't submit turns. After you hit the submit button it is seemingly not processed, the info screen also says you still have to submit a turn. Games affected:
Jasper Oostenrijk 2 #473197491
Jasper Oostenrijk 2 #999614338

A few months ago this bug also plagued battleforces and it took several weeks before the game admin fixed the issue. I sure hope it is now fixed quicker, i.e. before the games expire (and more players abandon this game).

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I also can't submit a turn, Jasper Oostenrijk 2 #824068377. Also can't play a solo game or join a multiplayer game.

Our game is still in capital selection. Every time I hit the 'Submit turn' button after choosing a capital the info display says I still have to submit. Only a few hours left. Please fix/reset admin.

It is sad to see such serious problems linger for six days without any notification from the game adminstrators, certainly since this game changed its policy to paying membership only.

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