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World War II #916300756 will not allow turn submissions. All were unable except Russia to take their turn. Need to reset as missing a couple of turns puts the Axis at a huge disadvantage.

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Personally, I believe there should be no guidelines for truces. A persons word is his bond, I had success in Battleforces by knowing who to trust, others who were sketchy, and new players who I kept my eye on. Made for more fun in my honest opinion. I enjoyed being dependable, therefore reputation ensured I had some early advantageous truces over other lesser known players. As we know from history there are nations, e.g. Hitler, who broke truces and it should be the same here.

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Is there an option to review / playback games for us players? Unless I am dreaming it up, there were a few major battles that were quite skewed. Anyways, 1 to 2 turns in there was a major naval battle where I lost all 12-14 pieces and he opponent lost none meaning all the opponents had hits to include transports and me none...and it was a pretty even match clash. A second battle in the Mediterranean I was able to catch his forces split, i.e. his planes were intercepted. Though I think I killed 6, he decimated my forces, i.e. possible every plane had a hit. Anyways, wondering if there is a playback option so I can look back at a few of the battles as something doesn't seem right. Thanks.

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