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I agree, you can't trust him. I don't even answer back when he wants a NAP because I know that he's going to screw me over. anger:

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When I go to play a game, either new or in progress, I open the game , make my moves, submit turn and this is where it falls apart. After I hit submit, all the moves are kicked out and it resets to the previous screen. As far as I can tell this ugly, little bug showed up yesterday afternoon.

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@BlackMamba Well, I 'm currently playing this map w/ 2 humans and 2 bots. Hope we can do the 10 player version before New years.:persevere:

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This may be a wacky thought but possibly everyone is afraid of this game since it has the word {** Dead** } in the game title.

Perhaps {*** Troubled*** } Waters 10 Man Madness has a better feel to it? :innocent:

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I think I have found a way to get this game rolling so often that we may have to put brakes on it just to catch our breath.:astonished: Now, pick your jaws up off the floor and listen up:

All new players must complete 1 Afrika game, to get their feet wet. I suggest that all new players must register immediately afterwards in this 10 person game or some other multi-player game to meet many of the other "friendly and helpful" players and to get a feel of a large scale war game.
It can played in tandem w/ other matches but it must be completed as their other games are being played.

That's my brainstorm: clap: and it may be hard to top:innocent: :laughing: but feel free to comment, change it, trash it, enhance it or toss another idea into the hat and let's play.

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That's such a great name , "Guns-A-Go-Go", just rolls off the tongue.:boom: :boom:

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Can we possibly just put 4 bots to replace 4 humans and start the Game.? Or am I way off base with that alternative?:grey_question:

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Serial deadbeaters??, Really?? Class A Felony??

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I think they should be eliminated from said game after they miss the 2nd turn, their territories go neutral and they are placed last w/ zero points. End of story. They will soon stop that annoying behavior.

Can we please put this subject to bed. You have been harping on it for almost 5 years now, seriously, find a new pet peave, pleaaese......anything but this. Thank you.:unamused:

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Great. Good to know. Thanx!

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